Sailing on the mountains? At a certain point, bearing in mind that landyachting in Italy itself is bizarre in any case, why not sail at an altitude of more than 1000 meters? North of Cagli, in the district of Pesaro/Urbino, 300 kms away from Rome, there is a wide grassy plateau on which displays of kites and kitebuggers often take place. Their sheets catch the wind 10, 15 meters over me, but even flying low, with the Miniclub fun is guaranteed. It’s the perfect place to drive on two wheels easily – oh, how I love driving on two wheels! – because the strong drag caused by the grass fosters acrobatics, even though it reduces the reactivity of the landyacht.
1698 x 1122
Tomorrow’s movie reviewer
1180 x 1799
Professional pizza maker

946 x 1751
Rock guitarist


(289K)1698 x 1122
1704 x 1116
1710 x 1122
1183 x 1800

1. Tomorrow’s movie reviewer
2. Professional pizza maker
3. Rock guitarist
Holding fast to the travellers’ motto, “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood”, Mount Petrano purifies the soul. It is not unusual to meet rock guitarists and professional pizza makers playing with their kites, while tomorrow’s movie reviewers are dancing in the wide, grassy and cricketed kindergarten.
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English version by Barbara bandini